We help our clients with their learning and development needs by taking a 3-stage approach > Get Clarity > Build Capability > Transform Results. We call this our “TransformYOUR” approach.

> Get Clarity – We help you to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of your current situation leading to valuable and deeper insights that will sharpen your focus and performance.

> Build Capability – We help you create your own practical, workable solutions that you feel able to own and see through to conclusion. Our aim is to help you develop a sustainable and self-managed capability.

> Transform Results – We help you make it happen by sharpening your focus, defining clearer goals and supporting your journey to practically implementing them. We will challenge mindsets that are perceived barriers to success.

We believe that our combination of coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training promotes personal and team discovery that leads to amazing results. We underpin our service by using the principles of the validated Herrmann International Whole Brain® Thinking model which encourages individuals and teams to look at the world from four distinctly different perspectives. The ability to flex thinking is a key factor when managing people, change, teams and many other aspects of managing and leading within an organisation.

High Performance Thinking Programme

Our High Performance Thinking programme develops your business wisdom and leadership capability

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TransformYOUR Personal Effectiveness

Developing self-awareness to find new ways to work more effectively.

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TransformYOUR Team Performance

Understanding and strengthening the characteristics that underpin a high performing team.

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TransformYOUR Management & Leadership Capability

Embracing a coaching style of management and leadership that delivers on goals and objectives.

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TransformYOUR Business Relationships

Understanding others and engaging at a deeper level to get the best from your business relationships.

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TransformYOUR Business Outcomes

Helping individuals, teams and organisations to gain clarity and achieve shared agreement.

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Delivering the TransformYOUR Approach

We have developed a range of options and our services tailored to suit your specific needs.

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Our Whole Brain ® Thinking Approach

Whole Brain ® Thinking can transformYOUR individuals, teams and relationships

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Our ManageME model

The Zentano ManageME model has been designed to help our clients understand the dynamic system that exists within a human brain. It is used to help people manage their responses...

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