TransformYOUR Business Relationships

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Understanding others and engaging at a deeper level to get the best from your business relationships.

What we do: Develop your ability to engender trust and rapport quickly and effectively. We help answer the question “What does this person need from me?”. Relationships with others that go beyond a superficial level require a stronger degree of focus on communication. The ability to communicate and cut across age, gender, background and many other factors often seen as barriers require us to develop and finesse three key factors;

  1. Our personal self-awareness.
  2. Our core communication skills.
  3. Our ability to flex how we think and behave situationally.

Whether you are a manager, leader, client account manager or responsible for sales in your organisation, our TransformYOUR approach can deliver the following benefits;

  • Understanding clues to thinking preferences and observable behaviours.
  • Develop strategies to flex thinking and behaviour to meet the needs of others.
  • Understand how to adopt a consultative approach when engaging with others.
  • Increased influencing skills.
  • The ability to manage and resolve conflict.