TransformYOUR Personal Effectiveness

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Developing self-awareness to find new ways to work more effectively.

What we do: Through guided discovery, we encourage individuals to understand what drives and influences their behaviour. We focus on the relationship between how individuals think, feel and behave and how this is impacted on by external factors such as their working environment.

With this clarity, we help answer questions such as “What are my thinking preferences and what impact do these have?” and “What thinking ‘errors’ prevent me from being effective?”. For each individual we support, we look to help them understand their personal motivation and their capacity to be emotionally intelligent and more agile in their thinking.

Benefits that our clients experience are generally one or more of the following;

  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced personal presence
  • The ability to handle stress and be more resilient
  • Increased influencing skills
  • The ability to prioritise their work to achieve better outcomes