TransformYOUR Management & Leadership Capability

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Embracing a coaching style of management and leadership that delivers on personal, team and organisational goals and objectives.

What we do: We develop capability by creating improved levels of self-awareness and personal insight. Through a combination of support and challenge we encourage managers and leaders to;

  1. Embrace the big picture – the ability to think beyond the operational issues and priorities.
  2. Inspire and motivate others – the ability to drive engagement and productivity by investing in and developing people.
  3. Be open-minded to change – the ability to deal with the ambiguity that comes with change and to be curious i.e. ask not just what, how, but who & why.

In addition to improved personal effectiveness through self-awareness, we will build on current levels of knowledge and skill. We provide proven, practical tools and techniques that are easy to understand and use.

We advocate blended learning so that workshops concentrate on embedding new knowledge and practicing new skills. We adopt a Whole Brain ® learning approach so that all thinking styles are catered for whilst at the same time encouraging learners to flex their thinking to meet the needs of a diverse set of colleagues, clients and other parties with whom they need to communicate.

Benefits that our client’s managers and leaders experience are generally one or more of the following;

  • Credibility through qualifications: We offer ILM Level 3 Coaching Skills for Managers programmes.
  • Clarity through leadership and management training – we offer workshops that are interactive, engaging, practical and learning is embedded by using case study exercises.
  • Enhanced skills: This means using the core skills of questioning, listening and informing to give effective actionable feedback, to have discussions that promote personal accountability and to effectively manage difficult conversations.
  • Improved relationships: The ability to (a) identify the thinking and behavioural preferences of others and (b) develop a more flexible communication style to meet those needs.
  • Effective Performance Management: We help develop an approach that is holistic, flexible and dynamic rather than event driven.
  • Solutions driven by better thinking: We deliver an approach using Whole Brain ® Thinking that focuses on possibilities, purpose, people and process.