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Helping individuals, teams and organisations to gain clarity and achieve shared agreement.

What we do: We often find that people within an organisation have a project that needs progressing and to do so they require an external sounding board, someone who can listen and facilitate a discussion. This may involve mediating in a dispute (Zentano Director Rich Horton is a trained mediator) or challenging mindsets to consider a variety of perspectives. We are also able to provide consultancy and mentoring where appropriate and within our team’s areas of expertise.

Zentano’s experienced facilitators are also Whole Brain ® Thinking practitioners and as such we help our clients focus on possibilities, purpose, people and process to improve their ability to solve problems and make decisions having considered a range of views and perspectives.

Projects that we have helped with in the past include;

  • Clarity on vision, purpose and strategy.
  • Merging existing teams into a new collective entity
  • Talent Management – strategy and processes
  • User-centred design – creating personas that represent clients and end users
  • Growth Planning for SMEs
  • Proposition development
  • Employee engagement
  • Career coaching following redundancy