High Performance Thinking Programme

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Did you know?

A survey of 2,000 British workers in junior and senior roles has found that 34% of us are dealing with anxiety depression or stress.

Why High Performance Thinking is right for you

Growing a successful business requires clarity of thinking and clarity of decision making. Have you ever thought:

  • “I know I need to make a change but I find it hard to break old habits”
  • “I am experiencing some barriers to growth and I am not sure how best to overcome these”

Are any of the following important to you:

  • Reducing stress level?
  • Thinking beyond operational issues and priorities?
  • Increasing performance, productivity and efficiency?
  • Being open-minded and able to deal with ambiguity in our ever-changing, fast paced world?
  • Taking my business to the next level.

What our programme has to offer you

Zentano’s High Performance Thinking programme is designed to develop your business wisdom and transform your leadership capability. It will equip you to challenge your own mindset and those of the people around you.

Our programme is based on an understanding of how the human mind works. Our brains can be our greatest asset and our biggest barrier to progress.

The programme draws on 40 years plus of research from across the globe such as Diversity of Thought, Emotional Agility, High Performance Traits and Performance Psychology.

It uses a variety of established models and includes up-to-date thinking from progressions in neuroscience. It takes leadership and management development beyond traditional skills-based and theoretical approaches to a more transformative level.

Our Programme will give you fresh perspectives, new insights and renewed confidence. You will also get the opportunity to discuss your business challenges with other business owners and/or senior leaders. The structure of our powerful programme and your route to high performance is laid out below:

You can download a PDF of our leaflet here which gives you an overview and benefits of our programme. To find out more about the content of the programme masterclasses please download the PDF of this leaflet here.

Please contact us here to learn more about the programme or to book on our next cohort.