Pulling together a wide range of people with a variety of different perspectives whilst trying to achieve a consensus view is challenging.


Engaging and productive

We work with you to manage this process and ensure project meetings and workshops are engaging and productive.


Having the training allowed me to think about a plan of action, and about focussing on the positives, even in a few difficult instances. Without the training, I don’t see any way how I would have completed 5 reviews in the required timeframe. It made for a far more positive experience for me, and hence I am sure for the members of my team.

John Sweeney, Competency Framework & Performance Management Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed this training session and feel a lot more confident in my ability to train others – thanks very much to Dave – the training was well prepared, thought out and informative. Dave answered all of my questions and offered plenty of support and new ideas.

Nikki Keep - Train the Trainer Workshop