Whole Brain Thinking

Zentano uses the highly validated Herrmann International HBDI Whole Brain® Thinking profiling tool.

Why use Whole Brain® Thinking?

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as;

  • 'Why am I so in tune with some people and find others hard to understand and get to know?'
  • 'Why do I find some skills easy to master and others so frustrating?'
  • 'Why is that person finding this difficult to understand, it makes perfect sense to me?'
  • 'Why am I finding this learning so difficult to get to grips with when others seem to find it easy?'
  • 'Why is being part of this team so annoying and frustrating?'

Understanding Whole Brain® Thinking will help you find the answers to these and many other questions. Human interactions are based on the ability to communicate effectively and build trust. For this reason we underpin all the work we do on the principles of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Dave’s approach to coaching provided some direct links to some very important and tangible business results. He clearly has a deep knowledge of HBDI, DISC, and Emotional Intelligence and was able to open my awareness to what really drives me and how this will impact my results. His non-threatening and constructive approach has helped me to continue to work through some personal challenges.

Sue Farmer - Business Consultant, Miradorus