How Do You Stay Resilient As You Recover And Rebuild Your Business In A Pandemic?

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How Do You Stay Resilient As You Recover And Rebuild Your Business In A Pandemic?

Bounce-Back-Ability vs Mental Toughness Webinar

A major life event such as a pandemic can really test your resolve and resilience. Your well-being, your financial security and your lifestyle are under threat. In partnership with ISO Quality Services Ltd, Zentano tackled the tough yet very current topic of resilience in a webinar.

Many business owners want to know; 

  • How do I remain calm and confident, so that I can lead my teams as they adapt and meet our customers’ needs? 
  • How do I manage the ambiguity and uncertainty so that I can communicate effectively and keep my teams motivated? 
  • How do I maintain a sense of control so that I can guide my team to be proactive and productive? 


We want to share the webinar with you, to help your business survive and thrive as you rebuild from the impact of COVID-19. Many of our customers and guest attendees found it useful on a personal, team and organisational level. As the response was so positive, we decided to share this webinar with as many people as we possibly could. Please feel free to share this blog with your network of contacts. 

The webinar is part of our Connected Leadership series. It is 45 minutes long and covers the following topics and questions:  

  • How does change impact people and what tools can we use to manage our responses? 
  • What are the four key signs and behaviours of a resilient person? 
  • What are the 5 areas of focus to manage resilience and what tools can help me? 


Watch the webinar below


Click here to download the Resilience Checklist


Stay stafe and stay connected.