The Secret to Leading a Hybrid Workforce: Habits to Manage, Motivate and Engage

The Secret to Leading a Hybrid Workforce: Habits to Manage, Motivate and Engage



When and Where

Date: 27th January 2021

Time: 11:00am - 11:45am

Location: BrightTalk



About the Event

“4 in 10 employees haven’t felt supported by their employer during the 2020 pandemic.” - Benenden Health Report

People have always worked remotely. However, this was usually reserved for field or senior roles within an organisation. Since March 2020, all levels of an organisation have needed to work remotely, and managers have had to adjust, quickly.

In this new year, we are learning from 2020. Everyone’s experience of working from home has been different – some have found their flow, heightened their productivity and achieved a healthier work-life balance. Others have struggled with the transition and are eager to get back into the office.
Everyone is different when it comes to their attitudes to working from home and managers need to take the time to understand each employee’s own preferences in this new era of work.

Each day at your workplace could look very different, with part of your team coming into the office some days, whilst others stay at home. So how do you manage these hybrid teams and ensure that your managers are still including those who are not necessarily there in person?

We've teamed up with Thomas International to deliver a webinar which explores how you can manage, motivate and engage your hybrid workforce.

Thomas International are passionate about recruitment, retention and development. Thanks to their people science solution, they know how to get to the heart of people’s skills, motivations and behaviour so their true potential can be unlocked.

This webinar is for people managers, leadership and HR professionals tasked with ensuring people are managed effectively during times of change and remote working

Key takeaways:

  • Top tips to manage your hybrid teams
  • Goals for remote leadership
  • Team dysfunctions and the importance of trust


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