Team Coaching

Leadership coaching is often best delivered as a group activity. Just like coaching a successful sports team, coaching a work team requires a focus on getting the best out of both the team members individually and the group collectively. This means looking at the innate talents in the team, the knowledge and skills within the team and most importantly the team mindset!

Zentano’s approach to team coaching involves working with a group of your managers or leaders to help them to stretch beyond their current levels of ability and performance. We work as a trusted partner with your team and design our workshop exercises to align with the work challenges your team face each day, week or month. We help the team members to work through these challenges so that they can gain fresh insights, explore new ideas and find opportunities to improve team performance.

As with individual coaching, our team coaching uses a solutions and outcomes focused approach. We help build trust within a team. We improve the self and social awareness of the team members to leverage the diversity in the team. We also strive to ensure the team can communicate more effectively in a way that supports achievement of the team’s goals.

Our approach

We use the following approaches to help teams get the best from our workshops:

  • Profiling tools – We find Whole Brain ® Thinking especially useful for team workshops. A full list of the profiling tools we are able to use is available on request so please get in touch.
  • Team dynamics – We will help your team members understand the often complex organisational dynamics in which they operate. At times this requires a team to understand a systems-thinking perspective.
  • Effective relationships – We help teams focus on getting buy-in from all team members and make sure everyone is aligned. We encourage them to work with their strengths and support each other to reinforce best practice in the business. We give them the tools required to manage conflict constructively.
  • The big picture view – We challenge the team to think beyond the operational issues and priorities. This means focusing on the vision for the future of your business and how they can support your business strategy.
  • Openness to change – We work to ensure your team is open-minded and curious i.e. ask what, who, how & why. It also means ensuring your team is able to deal with the ambiguity that comes with change. We focus them on being clear on the things that can be measured that are important to the successful implementation of the business strategy. Your team should then be clear on how they efficiently track progress towards the desired outcomes.

Dave is a superb consultant who really gets to the core challenges and works through potential solutions in a pragmatic and effective manner.

Rich Stokes, Head of Performance Development – Capita Employee Benefits