The Secret to Surviving the Perfect Storm - Connected Leadership

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The Secret to Surviving the Perfect Storm - Connected Leadership

Connected Leadership™ Webinar

We’re in the midst of a perfect storm.  

Economic uncertainty, social change and the digital revolution threaten business in unprecedented ways, and Covid-19 has only fanned the flames. Business is being ravaged and no one is immune to the effects of a global lockdown.  

The perfect storm is testing leaders, putting their skills, resilience and knowledge to the ultimate test, and for many this will be a make or break moment. In a time where uncertainty is pervasive you need pioneering leaders who can confidently lead themselves and their team through the perfect storm, flexing and adapting to whatever comes their way. 

So how can you equip leaders to not only survive but thrive during these uncertain times?  

Zentano have teamed up with ISO Quality Services to deliver a webinar that explores “The New Way to Lead: What is Connected Leadership™ and Why Should it Matter to Me?” 

Our webinar explores: 

  • What Connected Leadership™ is 
  • An assessment tool to use so that you can assess how you and your current leaders and managers measure up 
  • An overview of what habits productive teams adopt 
  • The Secret Weapon that sets good leaders and managers apart from average ones 


Watch the webinar below