Use Profiling Tools to develop your Superpowers of being Proactive and Influential

Discover More About You and Your Team with Profiling


As a leader and manager of people one of your core skills needs to be influencing others. This has 4 key benefits to you and your business;


✔️ Change happens quicker and with less resistance because you are communicating in a way that suits all thinking and behavioural styles

✔️ Innovation, new ideas and fresh insights flow more freely because people are engaged and energised

✔️ The bottom line looks better because cost savings and changes that add value can be identified

✔️ Your business becomes future-proofed as dynamic, focused planning is embedded in the way everyone works


Like it or not we aren’t often in control. We live in uncertain and challenging times and change isn’t going to stop for any of us. The best any of us can do is learn how to quickly adapt, think ahead, be proactive and learn how to be more influential. It’s particularly important to be proactive and not reactive in times of change. Reactivity is exhausting, draining and quite often unproductive. Being proactive results in consistent results, preparedness and solutions.

As a leader profiling tools are one of the best proactive tools to utilise in times of change. With professional guidance, they empower you to gain unparalleled insight into the thinking, behaviour, strengths, weaknesses, communications styles and untapped potential that exists in your business. Armed with this knowledge you can be more influential. The knowledge gained can be used for both personal and collective growth and development.

This will give you the capability to;

  • Ensure you have the right people in the right seats, creating diverse by design teams
  • Deal with and reduce conflict
  • Find solutions to problems more efficiently
  • Tap into the strengths that exist in your teams
  • Be aware of and tackle blind spots.
  • Develop teams who understand their strengths, recognises and appreciate differences, who are resilient and who can communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • Create a business that can weather the storm and produce consistent results, no matter what’s thrown at it
  • Achieve higher levels of productivity, profitability, retain talented people and keep customers happy





Profiling in a Nutshell

ONLINE ASSESSMENT – Profiling is conducted using an online portal and takes around 20-30 minutes to complete depending on the profile. It will usually consist of a range of questions, scenarios and tasks for you to complete to get an accurate measure of your behaviours. The profile is not timed, you can complete it anytime and anywhere so long as you have an uninterrupted time slot. Profiles are not a test, there are no right and wrong answers. They are designed to uncover preferences, behavioural drivers and suggestions about how to develop a person (or teams) capability.

DEBRIEF – Once your profile is complete you will not immediately be given your results. It’s important to go through your profile with professional guidance to get maximum benefit for the time invested in completing it. One of our expertly qualified practitioners will be notified once you complete your profile and will contact you to book a debrief. Your personalised debrief will usually last 60 to 90 minutes and will help you understand your profile in detail and how you can utilise it in a practical way.

INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED – All of our profiling tools are internationally recognised and accredited.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Profiling tools can be used to empower leaders and managers to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, “blind spots” and behaviours and how this influences their interactions with their team and impacts their performance. This allows them to embark on a personal growth journey that can shape innovative, productive and inclusive workplace cultures. 

TEAM DEVELOPMENT – Profiling tools are an effective way to enhance the performance of a team. They can be used to understand behaviour, improve communication and collaboration, reduce conflict, optimise strengths and harness diversity. Resulting in teams that are proactive, productive and solutions-focused.




Profiling tools we offer

We currently offer four profiling tools that can help you gain insight into your own and your teams’ behaviour. All of them help to find ways to maximise strengths and highlight blind spots for development. Click on the pictures below to find out more.

Dave’s approach to coaching provided some direct links to some very important and tangible business results. He clearly has a deep knowledge of HBDI, DISC, and Emotional Intelligence and was able to open my awareness to what really drives me and how this will impact my results. His non-threatening and constructive approach has helped me to continue to work through some personal challenges.

Sue Farmer - Business Consultant, Miradorus