Pioneer for Business Leaders

Zentano's Premium Leadership Programme

Pioneer is our premium leadership and development programme which builds on the foundations laid by Pathfinder. The Pioneer programme will continue to build on a journey of personal mastery. You will gain a deeper understanding of your purpose, productivity, connections and capability in order to drive sustainable business growth.

Successful leadership is based upon leaders as individuals, their position and influence on others (teams) and the wider organisation. Pioneer supports you by grounding you in what can be a continually shifting and challenging environment. You will gain clarity and traction so you and your team can deliver exemplary results.

Pioneer provides you with a practical “tool kit” that can be used every day. This “toolkit” is grounded in four key components that complement one another. You will develop holistic and practical leadership skills that deliver transformational growth.


 Connected Leadership™ Model



How Will Pioneer Benefit Your Business?

Leaders are everything in business. Your actions, behaviour and thinking influence everyone and will dictate your entire company culture. You will affect well-being, productivity and focus.

Pioneer sets your business on the right track and you on a journey of self-mastery. Pioneer doesn’t just change your leaders it transforms your entire organisation. The skills, knowledge and values developed by you on this programme will create a culture where:

  • Progression, growth and mastery are valued
  • Well-being is understood, considered and embedded
  • Teams are trusting, respectful and perform at their best
  • People feel valued, supported and engaged
  • Habits are developed that promote positive behaviours
  • Success is sustainable and performance is consistent

Is Pioneer For You?

We offer a complimentary one-hour meeting to help you assess what your business needs and decide which Zentano programme is most suitable for your organisation. If Pioneer doesn't align with your needs and wants we can offer a range of other programmes such as Pathfinder or we can create a bespoke approach that works for you.


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The impact on staff has been considerable. The staff have felt that the Zentano workshops are of value; we have introduced this training because we value them. Secondly it’s a breath of fresh air for them. We are not telling them ‘you have to do this and that’. What we have done is given them the tools and an idea of how to perhaps think differently

Jo Brown, HR Manager - Russell & Bromley