Pioneer (Leaders)

Our “Pioneer” programme is suitable for you if you are a forward-thinking business with ambitious growth plans. It will enable you to create and sustain high-performing teams who need to step up and achieve stretching targets.

A vital element in delivering on expectations will be your managers and leaders at all levels being able to be the best they can be, i.e. having the right knowledge, skills and mindset for success.

How can Pioneer benefit your business?

Pioneer will enable your leadership and management team to be confident and successful in creating and maintaining high-performing teams.

The following are the gains envisaged for your business;

  • Your leaders and managers embody and demonstrate your core values to create the team culture you require.
  • Your leaders and managers understand how to create positive personal impact
  • The well-being of all your employees is protected and you help them to adopt high-performance habits
  • You create and maintain High-Performing teams
  • Your leaders and managers develop strong influencing skills and manage change effectively.
  • Your leaders and managers drive personal accountability for all employees around their personal development and business critical goals.
  • You future-proof your business by identifying people with talent and developing their capabilities.
  • Your leaders and managers ensure effective management of employee and client relationships leading to improved satisfaction and engagement ratings
  • Your leaders and managers develop high levels of trust across the business that work in the best interests of your teams, your team members and your customers

The programme will develop your leaders and managers to effectively model best practice by;

  • Managing and prioritising their time and tasks
  • Delegating and Elevating
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence (including effective use of language)
  • Protecting and increasing their levels of confidence and resilience
  • Understanding how to manage upward and be assertive

The impact on staff has been considerable. The staff have felt that the Zentano workshops are of value; we have introduced this training because we value them. Secondly it’s a breath of fresh air for them. We are not telling them ‘you have to do this and that’. What we have done is given them the tools and an idea of how to perhaps think differently

Jo Brown, HR Manager - Russell & Bromley