Pathfinder for Managers

Zentano’s Management Development Programme

Pathfinder is a series of professionally researched and designed workshops for leaders, managers and emerging talent. Pathfinder will develop your foundational core skills:

  • Develop and cultivate relationships
  • Broaden your perspectives and horizons
  • Increase productivity and focus
  • Enhance your knowledge, skills and capabilities.


The workplace is often challenging, ambiguous and uncertain. Pathfinder will prepare you to deal with this by cultivating a flexible mindset. Providing continuous professional development and increasing your resilience. Most importantly, it will help you lead and manage your team with empathy and compassion to achieve exceptional results.

Pathfinder provides you with a practical “tool kit” that can be used every day. It is grounded in four key components that complement one another. You will develop holistic and practical management skills to deliver sustainable growth.


Pathfinder compass model

How will Pathfinder benefit your business?

Your business relies on your people. They are your most valuable assets and your leaders and managers are responsible for getting the best out of them. It’s vital to invest in your managers, leaders and emerging talent to build the foundation for business growth.

The skills, knowledge and “toolkit” gained on this programme will help you to develop:

  • Consistently performing teams
  • A flexible mindset that allows you to more resilient and agile
  • The ability to identify, nurture and grow talent
  • A culture that values, cares and engages people
  • Habits that deliver consistent performance and growth

Is Pathfinder for you?

We offer a complimentary one-hour meeting to help you assess what your business needs and decide which Zentano programme is most suitable for your organisation. If Pathfinder doesn't align with your needs and wants we can offer a range of other programmes such as Pioneer, coaching, facilitation or profiling or we can create a bespoke approach that works for you.


Get in touch today to begin your Pathfinder journey.


I attended along with my colleague the enterprise training which you had a large involvement in. I and my colleague Bruce Gascoigne were extremely impressed by your clarity of presentation, your professionalism and passion for the subject matter. It was clear also that you knew your audience and empathised and had clear knowledge of the issues and challenges presented by the subject matter and practical issues arising through proposed developments you were presenting on.

Andrew Cracknell, Partner – Frontier Capital Management