Pathfinder (Managers)

Our ‘Pathfinder’ programme is a professionally researched and designed series of workshops that can be adapted and made bespoke to suit your needs. Pathfinder will enable you to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset of managers from team leader level upwards by giving them the practical toolkit they need.

How can Pathfinder benefit your business?

If like most organisations it is your people that are your most vital resource, your future success is likely to depend on the following key factors;

  • The ability to understand and leverage a diverse team.
  • The ability to maximise productivity.
  • The ability to develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets critical for success.
  • The ability to create and sustain highly effective individuals and teams.
  • The ability to move away from a transactional style of leading and managing into a more coaching orientated approach.
  • For managers and leaders at all levels to have the ability to have quality conversations with their team members to identify and nurture potential and to drive performance.

Our ‘Pathfinder’ programme aims to future-proof your business so that you are an employer of choice for talented people.


I attended along with my colleague the enterprise training which you had a large involvement in. I and my colleague Bruce Gascoigne were extremely impressed by your clarity of presentation, your professionalism and passion for the subject matter. It was clear also that you knew your audience and empathised and had clear knowledge of the issues and challenges presented by the subject matter and practical issues arising through proposed developments you were presenting on.

Andrew Cracknell, Partner – Frontier Capital Management