Leadership Development

Leadership training enables businesses to succeed and grow at a sustainable and productive rate. We use an integrative approach to develop your people based on practical tools and solutions. These tools can be utilised in everyday scenarios and challenges and are based on externally researched, validated and recognised theories and best practice. It is this practical approach that allows us to transform your team 


We offer practical workshops for leaders and managers to develop their capabilities, skills and knowledge and embark on a journey of growth and discovery. We are not “off the shelf” and we do not use “one size fits all” approaches. We believe in quality and that’s why our workshops are tailored and built to meet your business needs and goals. If you want us to address a particular challenge, skill or scenario we will mould our content for you. 


We work in partnership with you to deliver a learning experience that’s social, personalised, valuable, fun and aligned to your company vision, culture and strategy. We guarantee quantifiable growth and success provided you work and engage with us to get the most out of your sessions. If you partake, you’ll walk away with new skills that will enable your business leaders and colleagues to deliver outstanding results. 


If you’re not sure where to begin get in touch and we can offer a complementary diagnostic assessment to determine which Zentano programme is most suitable for your organisation so you can ignite your business strategy and trajectory. 

Pioneer for Leaders Pioneer for Leaders A premium leadership development programme which builds on the foundations of Pathfinder and enables leaders to embark on a journey of personal mastery to gain a deeper understanding of their purpose, value and connections as a leader, enabling them to empower themselves and others to produce exemplary results. In essence, balancing transactional leadership with transformational growth skills and values. Pathfinder for Managers Pathfinder for Managers Bespoke developmental workshops for emerging leaders, managers and talents that enriches their foundational skills, such as relationship building, coaching, goal and KPI management and interpersonal skills by nurturing a flexible mindset that radiates into all aspects of their work. This sets a foundation for sustainable, productive and successful teams led by competent leaders with the skills needed to effectively navigate change, challenges and uncertainty. Coaching Coaching Coaching is ideal for individuals or teams who are looking to overcome workplace challenges or enhance their personal development. Coaching can occur in both 1-2-1 scenarios and as a collective. You will focus on developing a flexible mindset that nurtures connections, enhances capabilities, explores your purpose and boosts productivity giving some much-needed direction. ILM Level 3 ILM Level 3 ILM Level 3 Manager as a Coach accredited training develops and equips managers with cutting edge coaching skills and knowledge that allows them to connect and understand their team at a deeper level. This enables them to cultivate and develop teams who are productive, inspired and feel valued. Profiling Profiling Profiling is a measure of your personality and behaviour rather than your intelligence or innate ability. When used correctly and with professional guidance, profiling tools can give you unparalleled insight into your style and preference for different behaviours, skills or personality traits. They can also be used to recognise strengths and highlight areas for potential development and improvement.