How Do I Improve Team Performance?

Being part of a vibrant, fun, inclusive and consistently performing team creates engagement, happiness and a feeling of fulfilment. These teams attract new members who want to be part of the feel-good factor and success. Leading such a team can be rewarding and motivational.

Teams that produce the best results are diverse. When multiple perspectives, skills and mindsets come together they spark innovation, growth and new ideas. The challenge is how to effectively lead and manage that team so they can produce their best results consistenly.

Drawing on our expertise we can share our proven practices to help you lead a successful team.

Do you recognise the following challenges?

  • Diverse teams clash. When team members don’t take the time to understand or appreciate the perspective or ideas of their fellow team members, conflict and resentment can brew. If this goes unresolved it usually results in a loss of focus, unwanted distractions and a dip in performance.
  • Communication lacks clarity and good intentions can result in unintended outcomes
  • Trust can be eroded by careless words and actions
  • Translating vision into goals seems not to have worked and people seem to lack direction and focus
  • Problems and issues remain unsolved
  • Time constraints are often used as the reason why performance is suffering


The good news is that many teams already possess the knowledge and skills needed to produce excellent results. Strong leaders know how to harness this knowledge and these skills and create greater awareness for teams and team members. The connect the dots and help everyone have the mindset that will deliver results.

Our Solution

The best leaders understand how to ground a strong sense of purpose with the capability to deliver. They also know how to balance connecting people and ideas with the ability to be productive.
Zentano offer a range of training programmes, profiling tools and coaching sessions designed to improve team performance.

Pathfinder and Pioneer are our two premium leadership programmes. Based on proven methods, these programmes will provide the tools to create great leaders and managers. The tools can then be used to create a great team, setting in motion a route to consistent performance and ultimately to business growth and transformation. 

Our profiling tools and coaching sessions start transparent and honest conversations between you and your people. These conversations can improve team performance by uncovering how a person can add value in their role, utilising their strengths for the collective good of the team. Coaching at an individual or team level will help create clarity and focus. Team members know what is expected of them to deliver your vision and will feel valued, connected and happy.

We offer a complementary one-hour meeting to help you assess what your business needs and decide what actions you should take to create a team that performs consistently to the level you need it to.

Please get in touch today to find out how we can support you.

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