ILM Level 3 Coaching Skills for Managers

Traditional leadership is dead. Transactional and directive management styles can no longer cope with the demands of today’s workplace. Our working environment isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago so why are we still relying on leadership styles from 20 years ago? They are not fit for purpose.


Why change?

A coaching approach to leadership and management will enable you to empower people to find their own solutions and take responsibility for their development and productivity which means your time and energy can be directed elsewhere.

A coaching approach will change the mindset of your team, they will see you as a valuable resource not a crutch to lean on. This means you can manage change more effectively.

A coaching approach builds confidence in your team members which means that they will become more proactive with their thinking and actions. This means you can delegate with confidence and stop firefighting, leaving you time for forward thinking.  


What is different about the workplace that coaching can help with?

Economic instability, social change and the digital revolution have introduced unprecedented uncertainty and challenges into today’s workplace. These challenges are often ones that transactional and autocratic styles cannot handle, leaving people feeling lost, demotivated and disengaged.

Leaders and managers of today must adopt a more empathetic approach if they’re going to lead their team and business through these uncertain times. They must become Connected Leaders. At the very heart of being a Connected Leader is the ability to effectively support, challenge and coach your people. Developing a coaching orientated leadership and management style will transform the culture of your workplace.

These are the key benefits of developing a coaching culture within your workplace:

  • Better communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Reduced conflict and improved conflict resolution skills
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • More effective feedback resulting in a higher standard of work and clearer expectations
  • More resilient leaders, managers and teams
  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Better customer experience leading to repeat business and recommendations


Zentano has partnered with Bluesky International (an ILM accredited centre) to offer a high-quality ILM Level 3 Coaching Skills Programme to organisations that want to develop and equip leaders and managers with coaching skills to move away from transactional styles. This qualification will enable your leaders and managers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively coach their team and embark on a journey to becoming a Connected Leader.




ILM Level 3 in a Nutshell

WHAT IS ILM? - The Institute of Leadership and Management or ILM are an awarding body for leadership and management qualifications in the UK. The ILM is the leading Leadership and Management specialist. Their qualifications are internationally recognised and are often included as part of ISO standards. ILM’s mission statement is to enable people and organisations to develop their leadership skills for personal and economic growth.

WHO IS It FOR? -  The ILM Level 3 Coaching Skill for Managers Award and Certificate are designed for people in their first managerial or leadership role, including team leaders and first-line managers. The ILM Level 3 is ideal for individuals wishing to develop the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to coach their team as part of their normal working role. These are foundational skills for establishing a coaching culture within a workplace.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE BUSINESS? -  Leaders and managers who have coaching skills will drive a culture of challenge and support, accountability and transparency which will drive consistent performance and growth throughout your business. Employees will feel adequately supported and valued, leading to increased motivation, passion and creativity for their job. Your people are your most important asset and investing in leadership skills that drives a positive culture to look after them will drive exceptional results.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE INDIVIDUAL? -  ILM qualifications give structure, credibility and depth to your leaders and managers coaching skills. This will allow them to effectively embed coaching within the workplace, remain resilient in the face of challenging scenarios and engage their employees at a deeper level. This will in turn create teams who produce consistent performance and results, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction.




ILM Level 3 Modules

To complete your ILM Level 3 qualification and get accredited you must undertake three mandatory modules. You can gain an ILM Award or ILM Certificate depending on which modules you undertake. The ILM Certificate requires you to undertake 36 hours of coaching in the workplace compared to 6 hours with the ILM Award.


Module snapshot

ILM Unit No

Unit Name



Understanding Good Practice in Workplace Coaching

Award + Certificate


Undertaking Coaching in the Workplace



Undertaking an Extended Period of Coaching in the Workplace



Reflecting on Workplace Coaching Skills

Award + Certificate


Zentano deliver the ILM Level 3 qualifications in association with Bluesky International who are an ILM approved centre. For further information about ILM and details about their qualifications and standards visit their website here.


An ILM Level 3 Qualification will create confidence and credibility in your management team

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The impact on staff has been considerable. The staff have felt that the Zentano workshops are of value; we have introduced this training because we value them. Secondly it’s a breath of fresh air for them. We are not telling them ‘you have to do this and that’. What we have done is given them the tools and an idea of how to perhaps think differently

Jo Brown, HR Manager - Russell & Bromley