How Do I Increase Sales Performance?

Your sales team is critical to the success of your business. A great sales team will delight your customers. They will deliver value that is a route to endless referrals, and they will produce a consistent flow of money into your business. Unfortunately, underperforming sales teams are an all too common issue. Consequently, one of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I increase the performance of my sales team?”.

Client Engagement Levels

Selling for most businesses is about building relationships that add value. The art of selling is becoming more subtle and sophisticated. Relying on price and/or product features and benefits works for some businesses but not all. Increasingly we need to change our mindset and put the needs of our customers or clients first.

The right mindset

What is the mindset of your sales team? Do they understand the principles of consultative selling? Do they have the knowledge, skills and good habits to bring these principles alive?

Without the right mindset, skills, knowledge and habits you’re not going to see the sales results you expect. Often salespeople become too focused on price and the pressure to sell, they forget what is at the very heart of sales – people. Remember people make decisions to buy subconsciously and emotionally, therefore salespeople need the ability to make genuine connections.

Refocusing your sales team on creating and maintaining effective relationships will gain better results. A sales team that builds trust, develops rapport and focuses on understanding customer needs will provide the customer with better value. When value is created, sales improve.

A flexible, people-focused mindset will drive successful and consistent sales. Your sales team will constantly delight customers and produce increased referrals and customer satisfaction ratings.

Guiding your team to develop this mindset can be a challenge so Zentano have created a solution we can bespoke to your needs.

Our solution

We offer a Consultative Sales Training Programme designed to help develop the skills, knowledge, habits and mindset needed to produce consistent results and delight customers.

Zentano can help your sales team to ask the right questions, pre-empt objections and understand customers at a deeper level.

Our proven process starts by sitting down with you and your sales team to identify where the business is now, what issues are getting in the way and where you want to be moving forwards. This allows us to develop actionable goals and create bespoke and relevant content for you.

Clients who come away from our Consultative Sales Training Programme have developed flexible and curious mindsets. This allows them to develop professional relationships that are authentic AND satisfy customer’s needs. It is often the mindset that is the barrier to sales success. If you wish to transform your sales team by investing in their capabilities, please click the button below to find out more.

Consultative Sales Training