How Do I Grow My Business?

When you close your eyes, you can see how your business could look in the future, you see a team of happy, connected, productive people who share your passion and vision for what you do. Your customers love what you do and give you great feedback (and referrals to new prospects). Your profitability is healthy, and you feel a sense of satisfaction that as a leader, you have been instrumental in turning your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Growing a business is a challenge

You have ambitious goals and plans, which are exciting and energising! However, occasionally you feel like you’re hitting the ceiling. Maybe you can’t get your team on board or you’re getting held back by “day to day” stuff.

If this is you, the good news is, you’re not alone. Every highly successful business owner has been in your position and you’re certainly not the first person to ask, “how do I grow my business?”.

Often, the biggest challenge is the disconnect between your vision (which is clear and exciting in your head) and your people (“why don’t they see what I see?”). Knowing how to communicate your vision in a way that connects everybody and putting in place a framework to achieve your goals is often the sticking point. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How well can your team articulate your vision and your plan to make it a reality?
  • Do they have absolute clarity of the role they play in achieving the vision?
  • Do they feel valued?
  • Do they know how success is measured, especially their personal contribution?
  • Are your foundations for growth in place (i.e. processes and systems?)


If you’ve answered YES to all 5 questions but your business still isn’t where it needs to be perhaps it’s worth asking your team these questions.

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, it’s time to re-examine the connection between you, your vision, your business and your most valuable asset, your people.

Putting in place a framework to join all the dots is important.

This allows you to focus, crystallise your vision, and visualise all the components needed to achieve it. It should be a framework that is simple to understand and communicate. The harder part is implementing the vision by ensuring all the component parts are in place.​

Zentano knows that challenge all too well having embarked on the journey ourselves. We are also helping many other businesses over the same hurdles. Through our own experiences and working with others we have now created a formula for sustainable business growth that we would like to share with you.

Our solution

Zentano have created an accessible, best practice approach that is working for our clients and for us. We have taken proven business practices, integrated our expertise about how to create a productive, performance-orientated culture and created practical tools that you can apply now and at any time in the future as you continue to grow.

The four outcomes you can expect from applying the framework are;

  • You will experience improved productivity
  • You will see increased profitability
  • You can attract, grow and retain talented people
  • You will hear about enhanced levels of customer satisfaction


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