Should we have sprouts with Christmas dinner?

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Should we have sprouts with Christmas dinner?

Forget Brexit this Christmas and focus on the important questions!   

As we approach the end of another year, one of huge political upheaval and uncertainty, there is only one question left to ask in relation to our well-being;

Do we have sprouts with our Christmas dinner?

The Zentano camp is split on this topic so let’s put the case for and against;


The case for NO

  1. Overcooking sprouts makes them smell like rotten eggs due to the high levels of sulforaphane they contain - eating them has a similar effect on some people!
  2. The area covered by Brussels sprout fields in the UK is the equivalent of more than 3000 football pitches – why, who eats these things?
  3. SantaCon is a global gathering of people dressed as Father Christmas in cities around the world and traditionally, part of the fun is pelting other Santas (and anyone who turns up as an Elf) with Brussels sprouts – do these people know how hard uncooked sprouts are!


The case for YES

  1. Sprouts contain high levels of vitamins A and C, folic acid (good for fertility) and dietary fibre, so they can help protect against colon and stomach cancer – great for weight loss too!
  2. An 80g serving of sprouts contains four times more vitamin C than an orange, and a cup of cooked Brussels sprouts contains only about 60 calories – weight loss and no flu, fab!
  3. They are rich in vitamin K which can help against osteoporosis – who needs HRT!


Do these facts sway your opinion?

With Brexit looking like a disaster you should be aware that the sprout industry is worth £650m pa – I hope Teresa May has factored this into her negotiations!

The vote in the Zentano camp is split much like the Brexit vote is - we voted 63% in favour vs 37% against – although Dave’s wife is requesting a backstop if he is eating them for Christmas!

Whatever your view, we hope you have a fun and peaceful Christmas. Thank you for being part of our readership in 2018

Dave, Rich and Andy