Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)

Emotional intelligence is about how well we understand ourselves and others. It is also about how we approach crucial relationships. Much of our success in life is based on our skills, knowledge and experience; but another part depends on how we get on with the people around us.

Why use the TEIQue profiling tool?

Emotional intelligence is not about being nice or soft. It involves interacting effectively with other people and our environment. When we acquire higher levels of emotional intelligence we can also develop the skill of emotional agility. This means being flexible with our thoughts and feelings in order to respond appropriately and optimally in everyday situations.

Zentano uses a trait-based model that helps you answer a wide range of questions, for example;

  • To what level do I modify my behaviour to suit changing situations?
  • How effective am I in reacting to pressure?
  • How effectively do I control my impulses when under stress?
  • How effective am I in sensing other people’s emotions?
  • How effective am I at developing relationships?
  • How self-motivated and adaptable am I?

Dave’s approach to coaching provided some direct links to some very important and tangible business results. He clearly has a deep knowledge of HBDI, DISC, and Emotional Intelligence and was able to open my awareness to what really drives me and how this will impact my results. His non-threatening and constructive approach has helped me to continue to work through some personal challenges.

Sue Farmer - Business Consultant, Miradorus