Consultative Sales Training – Improving Sales Performance

Your sales teams are critical to the success of your business and investing in their development is essential to your business growth. Without the right knowledge, skills and mindset they are unlikely to deliver on their sales targets.

Selling is not just about a target it’s about connecting with people. Many sales teams forget people should be their focus, both internally and externally.

Zentano believes a Consultative Selling Approach will refocus your sales team on creating and maintaining effective relationships. By asking the right questions you will be able to understand your client’s needs and articulate how your product or proposition will meet their requirements. 

Zentano’s Consultative Sales Training provides you and your team with a practical “toolkit” that can be used every day. This “toolkit” is grounded in four key components that complement one another. You and your team will develop a flexible mindset to achieve successful results and delight your customers.


Consultative Sales Training Compass Mode

How will Consultative Sales Training benefit your business?

A flexible and curious mindset will develop relationships that are authentic and satisfy customers needs. A consultative selling approach will transform your sales team. 

The skills, knowledge and mindset developed on this programme will create a team that:

  • Has people at the core of everything it does
  • Are resilient and consistent in their performance
  • Have high emotional intelligence and can build effective relationships
  • Delight customers and produce endless referrals
  • Maximise their potential by using positive habits and behaviours



Is Consultative Sales Training for you?

We offer a complimentary one-hour meeting to help you assess what your business needs and decide whether Consultative Sales Training is right for you. We’ll look at where your sales team is right now, where you want them to be and any specific requirements you have.

If consultative sales training doesn't align with your needs and wants we can offer a range of other programmes or we can create a bespoke approach that works for you.


Get in touch today to begin your Consultative Sales Training journey.


Having the training allowed me to think about a plan of action, and about focussing on the positives, even in a few difficult instances. Without the training, I don’t see any way how I would have completed 5 reviews in the required timeframe. It made for a far more positive experience for me, and hence I am sure for the members of my team.

John Sweeney, Competency Framework & Performance Management Workshop