Connected Leadership™ in a Chaotic World


Do you want to thrive or just survive?

Connected Leadership™ is vital for your business growth and survival. Here you will discover why being a ‘Connected Leader’ could be the difference between your business thriving rather than just surviving or scraping through these challenging times.


The world is on fire and it needs you!

We’re in the midst of a perfect storm. Economic uncertainty, the digital revolution and massive social change threaten business growth in an unprecedented way and COVID-19 is simply fanning the flames! 





We live in a complex and unpredictable world and we need leaders who can guide us through these challenges:

  • ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY is here to stay. How we relate and CONNECT with the world around us is now the pressing challenge of our age. We need leaders and managers who are highly skilled at creating and managing change and effective relationships.
  • The DIGITAL REVOLUTION has transformed the way we connect with each other and other businesses. It is more difficult than ever to keep up and be agile enough to maintain your competitive edge. However, despite this hyper-connectivity we are more disconnected than ever. We have lost CONNECTION with ourselves and those around us. We need leaders who are ADAPTIVE and who are able to connect with themselves, their teams, their business and the world outside their business.
  • SOCIETAL CHANGE has created a massive shift in attitudes and values in the last decade particularly around DIVERSITY and INCLUSION. The rate of change seems to be getting faster and this can leave us bewildered, disorientated and not knowing how to respond. We need leaders who can adapt without feeling overwhelmed and can tolerate and thrive in the midst of unprecedented ambiguity and turmoil.



Leadership is dead!


Well, authoritarian and autocratic leadership is dead! We need a new way to lead. Growing your business in today’s complex world is about connecting and adapting. We need leaders who can:

  • Connect with their teams
  • Track a clear path through the chaos
  • Reach out to your customers and build powerful, value-based relationships
  • Show empathy, compassion and understanding
  • Skilfully manage diversity and have the emotional skills to be truly inclusive


So, what does this new style of leadership look like?



Enter the Connected Leader


We need good leaders more than ever in our uncertain world. The best leaders embody five core behaviours which help them to navigate their team and their business through these chaotic times:



  1. By being inspirational and visionary, they have a strong sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION to lead their team and business.

  2. Being visionary alone is not enough. This needs to be grounded with the CAPABILITY, disciplines and HABITS to deliver.

  3. They also CONNECT, collaborate and EMPOWER people by building strong and powerful relationships and partnerships. They have their team’s and organisation’s best interests at heart, they serve rather than scheme.

  4. They balance compassionate leadership by driving PRODUCTIVITY. They hold their team ACCOUNTABLE, so they make stuff happen.

  5. Underpinning this is a flexible, ADAPTIVE MINDSET. Connected leaders are resilient and are comfortable with ambiguity.  


Our Connected Leadership™ model pulls all these strands together into a powerful framework which can be used to underpin and drive sustainable growth. Connected Leadership™ will give you the tools to develop yourself, your leaders, your teams and your business.

Connected Leaders start by leading SELF, that means they can then lead OTHERS, and so develop the business wisdom to shape and influence their BUSINESS.





What are the benefits of Connected Leadership™ for you?

Connected Leadership™ creates:


There are five keys benefits to developing Connected Leaders which are related to the five behaviours. A Connected Leader will:

  1. Confidently lead themselves, others and their business through stormy times.
  2. Drive continual improvement using a coaching approach so that your business is agile, adaptive and innovative.
  3. Build relationships which engender trust, loyalty and ultimately deliver value.
  4. Hold their team to account and make stuff happen.
  5. Thrive and continue to deliver value, even in challenging circumstances


In short, better leaders, make better teams & businesses, which in turn makes for a better society.



Create a better world, become a Connected Leader

Join us in making a difference by developing Connected Leaders. Leaders who will bring the best out of your teams, and help you grow and shape your business. This in turn will deliver value to your community and create a better society.




Are you a Connected Leader?