Coaching – Challenge & Support

Your business needs people who support your vision and values, to produce consistent and exceptional results. To achieve this goal your people may need to advance beyond their current skills, abilities and talents. Coaching is a key part of that process.

Coaching offers a supportive, yet challenging relationship, that allows your people to develop and thrive. This relationship is transparent, honest and empathetic. It provides clarity on your values and how they align with your organisational goals and what you need to do to moving forwards to develop your skills, behaviour and knowledge.

When coaching a successful sports team, there is a focus on getting the best out of both you as an individual and your team. The same is true for business coaching. You will not only develop as an individual but your skills will enable you to collaborate more effectively and leverage the diversity.  

Zentano provides you with a practical “tool kit” that can be used every day. It is grounded in four key components that complement and support one another.


 Coaching Compass Model

How will coaching benefit your business?

Coaching can be applied in any number of leadership and management scenarios. It can be used to tackle organisational change, encourage personal development or overcome certain challenges. Many organisations even use coaching proactively to simply enhance already fantastic people.

Coaching is a process which offers you a fresh, clear perspective to help you gain new insights and develop as a person.

The skills, knowledge and “toolkit” gained from coaching will help you:

  • Develop trust, respect and self-awareness
  • Understand how to add value to your organisation
  • Produce excellent and consistent results
  • Leverage the diversity and skills of the teams you’re in
  • Be resilient in the face of change and ambiguity

Is coaching for you?

We offer a complimentary one-hour meeting to help you assess what your business needs and decide what actions you should take. If coaching doesn't align with your needs or wants we can offer other services such as facilitation or one of our deeper programmes like Pathfinder or Pioneer. Alternatively, we can create a bespoke programme to fit your unique needs. 

Get in touch today to begin your coaching journey.


I think the service provided by Rich has a multi-facetted benefit to Diamond. The immediate and more obvious benefits are that coaching has provided an individual, tailored approach which assisted with my known ‘soft skills’ difficulties. This has had a direct impact on my productivity and resulted in an improvement in my job satisfaction. Secondly, by my going through the coaching process, it has improved my relations with my colleagues, giving them an improvement at least in work place satisfaction. Finally, and possibly less obvious is that by investing in me as a person, Diamond has increased my loyalty and desire to work effectively and consistently, reduced my work-related stress by providing better tools for me to work with, and generally increased my positivity which will have a global impact.

Carina Lobley, Diamond Light Source Ltd