Coaching for Leaders, Managers and Teams

How to Get Clarity and Focus in an Uncertain World


The best leaders understand that coaching is a great way to develop capability and performance. It promotes accountability, creates clarity and sharpens focus. In most forward-thinking businesses the “Manager as Coach” style of leading teams is the way to achieve productivity and promote well-being.

So, is coaching right for you and/or your teams? Here’s why it might be;

  • Coaching is a great way to explore solutions to burning issues and seemingly tough challenges
  • Coaching focuses on accountability, on things that you can either control or influence, resulting in less wasted time and energy
  • Coaching is a balance of support and challenge that focuses on taking action and adding value to the company’s bottom line


In today’s uncertain world it can easy to become lost, overwhelmed or disengaged. When we’re stuck in the perfect storm of economic uncertainty, social change and the digital revolution, we can lose sight of what’s important, what to do next and what we contribute. Coaching provides an environment where you can step out of your busy life, set aside some time for yourself and tackle the big issues you often push to the back of your mind. 



What Coaching is

Coaching is all about learning, maximising your potential and providing clarity and direction. It offers a safe and trusting environment for you to freely explore the topic that you wish to discuss, providing support, challenge and feedback to stimulate your thinking. You should come away from coaching with a combination of new skills, fresh perspectives and helpful knowledge that will allow you to be proactive, resilient and influential.

There are many potential benefits that coaching can bring for you. Coaching will help you create:

  • Innovative solutions to issues that are getting in your way
  • Greater self-awareness of your thinking preferences, emotional responses and behaviours and the ability and tools to manage this more effectively
  • Clarity about how to build on your ability to think and act as a business leader
  • Success, enjoyment and job satisfaction which grows as you understand yourself and your challenges in greater depth
  • Increased confidence and ability to shape and influence the world around you
  • Capability to have tough conversations, improved relationships and be more influential


Coaching can be of value to many people in lots of situations. Maybe you are feeling stressed, stuck in a rut, struggling with a challenging work relationship or struggling with confidence in a new role. People come to coaching for a variety of reasons.

Here are some examples of when coaching might be of value to you:

  • You’ve moved into a new role and are facing a specific challenge
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed in a new role and it is affecting your confidence
  • You recognise your need to perform or work more effectively
  • You are struggling to generate lasting change in your organisation
  • You are working towards becoming a more effective and complete leader
  • You’re struggling to respond effectively to a challenging environment and you’re feeling stressed and find it hard to be resilient
  • You find some working relationships challenging and you don’t know how best to respond and turn things around
  • You want to improve your ability to influence those around you, especially in large and/or important meetings


Coaching will support you to navigate through these challenging situations and enhance your current strengths and capabilities. You don’t have to have a problem to seek coaching. Most people use coaching for continuing personal development.


What coaching is not - A soft and fluffy conversation! A remedial activity for underperformers! A mechanism to pass the buck for dealing with challenges in the workplace! An activity that only has value when you have some spare time!




Coaching in a Nutshell


Zentano understand how to use coaching to create “Connected Leaders”. This means helping you to focus on the knowledge, practical skills, and mindset required to lead yourself, your teams and your business in a way that creates engaged and productive teams, retains your talented people and results in happy customers. To do this we help you gain clarity and focus in five key areas as follows;  




Purpose and Direction: We help you give purpose and direction as a leader so that you can be described by others as inspirational and visionary. This means acting in line with your values with a clear sense of direction. Topics we can explore on both a personal and/or business level include: Sense of purpose (WHY), clarity of vision (WHAT) and focus on strategy (HOW).




Personal Development: We help you drive continuous improvement as a leader by using a solution focused approach. This means demonstrating the knowledge, skills and habits required for continued growth and development. Topics to explore include giving meaningful, actionable feedback, using coaching skills and embedding the vital keystone habits (Reflective learning, managing self-talk, looking after well-being, practicing with intention and managing focus and concentration).




Relationship Building: We help you create a collaborative, empowering working environment underpinned by acting with emotional intelligence, probably the most important differentiator a leader can have. This means building effective, trusting and respectful relationships in the workplace even when you may have differing opinions, thinking and/or behaviours styles and competing priorities. It also means developing strategic awareness and the ability to shape and influence your business. Topics to explore include managing change, leading with compassion and empathy, looking after well-being and being resilient, managing conflict and harnessing diversity.



Enhanced Productivity: We help you hold people to account and get things done whilst simultaneously protecting the integrity of your business relationships. This means producing positive outcomes by creating clarity and focus. Topics to explore include motivation, mental performance models, working towards FLOW, goal setting, personal management skills and innovation.





Personal Mastery: We help you stay in control and make positive choices. This means developing a flexible and adaptive mindset that responds to the here and now. A leader with an adaptive mindset is characterised as one that reflects on their core values, beliefs, behaviours and their impact on others. It seeks and acts on feedback, stays calm under pressure and performs consistently and flexibly. This type of leader actively seeks opportunities to learn and develop and helps others do the same.




Types of Coaching We Offer

The following types of coaching can be delivered either face-to-face or online. Click on each for more information.


Given the positive impact that Rich’s coaching has had on my own outlook, I would highly recommend it to others. There is one caveat though which is that it will only help people who are prepared to acknowledge what they would like help with and are prepared to be challenged in their current position to motivate change.

Carina Lobley

Diamond Light Source Ltd