Capita Employee Benefits - Case Study

Team Dynamics

How Zentano helped Capita EB integrate two distinctly different teams following a merger

The Challenge

Rich Stokes, Head of Performance Development at Capita Employee Benefits approached Zentano to do some work with the new management team that he was putting together following their merger with Bluefin.

Rich said “I approached Dave to work with the new management team because I needed to develop their confidence and skills. Some of the team had been in a position where they had a very directive style of management. This was something that isn’t my normal style, so I wanted to free them to think, be creative and to take chances where necessary.”

“First of all, it was integrating the team, which was a big challenge. To enable people who were used to a highly directive style to spread their wings, to give themselves permission to make decisions on their own, to look after their own budget and to be able to manage us better.”

“It was business critical to get the team dynamics right as quickly as possible. One team with a clear focus.”

“We chose Zentano because Dave is a natural coach, absolutely natural; he asks the right questions, he’s non-judgemental and he challenges you. I have worked with Dave before and found him very trustworthy.”

The Solution

Zentano introduced the team to the Whole Brain® Thinking approach which is designed to help teams and organisations better benefit from all the thinking styles available to them. Rich said “It brought something new and dynamic – I have used lots of psychological approaches, but it really resonated with me”

A persons thinking preferences colour how they tend to see the world around them, how they communicate, make decisions, problem-solve etc. Rich said, “We got the team together and helped them to understand how different team members preferred to process information. That brought real value to the people within the team because they understood why they had different perspectives and the impact this had on team dynamics.”

Dave is a superb consultant who really gets to the core challenges and works through potential solutions in a pragmatic and effective manner.

Rich Stokes, Head of Performance Development – Capita Employee Benefits

The Result

Rich has seen improved team integration, which has naturally led to a massive growth in capability. “Those people that are bright and intelligent are really spreading their wings now,” he said. “Obviously I am still their leader, but they are creating the initiative to move forward.”

“One of the biggest benefits I have seen from working with Zentano is helping the senior managers to improve on the psychological contract between employees and the business. So that they aren’t just clocking in and clocking out, they are passionate about the business and its purpose.”

“We wanted our staff to feel like they are achieving something big and our managers are now equipped to make them feel like that – Zentano helped with the process.”

“Zentano had a proof of concept. I have seen Dave work before and I have seen the effects it has on people, teams and practices and of course the business as a whole. So I chose him for all of those reasons – proof of concept, bringing something fresh and his very natural style. Zentano changes people’s lives for the better.”