Business Growth Services

Supercharging your business growth

You’re already a successful business owner, but now you’re ready for the next level. You already have everything you need to make positive change, but the challenge is in successfully implementing it. After a while you can hit a ceiling, your team might get discouraged or you lose focus and direction. You’re not alone, every great business owner has been here.

Zentano can provide you with the challenge and support you need to achieve your business growth ambitions.

Our business growth service is designed to provide you with a simple, yet potent, framework to set you on the trajectory to further success. We’ll help create a working environment and direction in your business that produces consistent results and improved well-being (quality of life) for everyone by introducing two vital ingredients - clarity and focus.

Our framework will help you create insight that will allow you to implement a self-sustaining approach to achieving your growth ambitions. Our framework will:

  • Allow you to let go, feeling confident you’ve got the talent who can take care of the day-to-day
  • Crystallise roles and expectations to re-energise your people
  • Create simplicity, with sensible and effective tools
  • Set up tried, tested and true processes to ground your business
  • Build a better life balance by delivering results and more fun!


This simple to understand framework is tried and tested in the real world. You’ll be provided with a practical “tool kit” grounded in four key components that support one another to create a unified system.


Business Growth Compass Model

Growing a business requires a sense of purpose and direction grounded in capability – the knowledge, skills and proactive mindset of everyone in the business. Driving productivity requires a level of focus and clarity that is balanced by ensuring everyone is on the journey by building effective relationships and engaging your team.

Visually, we represent this as your business growth compass, keeping you on track at all times. This underpins the approach we take to helping businesses grow and develop their team.

How will Business Growth Workshops benefit your business?

Zentano’s business growth service offers a powerful, yet simple framework, that will bring renewed energy, excitement and focus to your business. It will give you and your people the confidence you need to move forwards and reach the next level.

Our framework will help you create a strong and healthy leadership team who can deliver long-lasting change.

The skills, knowledge and values developed by you and your team on this programme will allow you to embed and approach to business growth that:

  • Energises your people
  • Crystallises your vision and plan
  • Creates the disciplines you need to take your business to the next level
  • Produces better outcomes and improved well-being
  • Keeps you and your people happy, making the work environment more enjoyable
  • Sets you on a trajectory for success


Zentano recognises the challenges of growing a business all too well. No only have we embarked on the journey ourselves, we have also helped many other business owners and leader over the hurdles. Through our own experiences, working with others and a scientific grounding in what it takes to be productive, we believe we’ve nailed a formula for sustainable business growth.


 Is Business Growth Workshop for you?


We offer a complimentary one-hour meeting to help you assess what your business needs and decide what actions you should take. If our business growth service doesn’t align with your needs and wants, we may be able offer a range of other programmes or we can create a bespoke approach that works for you.


Please get in touch today to begin your business growth journey.

I attended along with my colleague the enterprise training which you had a large involvement in. I and my colleague Bruce Gascoigne were extremely impressed by your clarity of presentation, your professionalism and passion for the subject matter. It was clear also that you knew your audience and empathised and had clear knowledge of the issues and challenges presented by the subject matter and practical issues arising through proposed developments you were presenting on.

Andrew Cracknell, Partner – Frontier Capital Management