How Every Leader Can Create Sustainable Business Growth

How to Supercharge your Success and Deliver Long-Lasting Change


You are already a successful business owner and now you want to take your business to the next level. You have the vision, but the challenge is in successfully implementing it. You’ve built up some momentum but are now experiencing those growing pains that happen when your old ways of working are just not sufficient anymore. Right now, you have hit the ceiling and are concerned your team might lose focus, energy and direction. You’re not alone, every great business owner has been there.

There is so much advice out there and it’s difficult to know which model or process to follow, let alone find the time to read through everything and start planning how you might implement changes. So, lets simplify this for you in 4 easy steps, click the buttons before to find out more:





Our Business Growth Pathway in a Nutshell


CONSISTENT AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH – Our aim is not to catapult you to instant astronomical growth and success, there is no quick fix or silver bullet. In our experience, an explosion in growth is often unsustainable and can have devastating consequences once the boom is over. We aim to embed tools that produce consistent and sustainable growth that will drive long-lasting change. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment with the economy, social change and technology throwing curveballs left, right and centre. Our toolkits will allow you to be agile enough to weather change and even thrive when others are surviving.

TANGIBLE OUTCOMES – We will help you to translate your vision into a process with measurable outcomes. The questions we ask you may be challenging but they’re designed to root out the unhelpful habits and barriers to growth so that they can be addressed. We’ll introduce you to transformational skills and toolkits that will supercharge your leadership capability.

LEADERSHIP LED CHANGE – We will help you get your leadership team onboard, fully invested and open to change. They will help you make the changes needed and sponsor and shape the culture change required.

CULTURE CHANGE – Our Business Growth Pathway is designed to produce business-wide change. The toolkits and skillsets we introduce to you are not just for your leadership team but for everyone in your business. They should be embedded in every facet of your business; they should be introduced to new starters and experienced team members alike.

CUSTOMISABLE CONTENT – No two businesses are the same. So, no two Business Growth Pathways should be the same. Our pathway is customisable based on your needs. We work in partnership with you and aim to get to know your business on a deeper level so we can understand where your business is now and where you want to go. We can then deliver a service that will truly add value to your business.

FLEXIBLE LEARNING – Our pathway is entirely flexible to meet your time constraints, deadlines and needs. We can accommodate face-to-face and /or online sessions that can be full-day, half-day or simply a series of focused two-hour sessions. We can flex our delivery to accommodate how your business works best.

BUDGET CONSCIOUS – Our aim as Go Givers, is to provide more in value than we take in payment (we subscribe to Bob Burgs 5 laws of stratospheric success) We recognise that no two businesses are the same, we have worked with companies of all sizes and with different budgetary needs. Whilst you will need to invest to gain tangible results our content can be structured, customised and delivered to suit the budgets of most businesses. As our Business Growth Pathways are tailored to a specific business’s needs, we cannot give accurate price estimates until we have sat down with you and understood your requirements.




How Will our Business Growth Service Benefit your Business?


We combine expert knowledge with proven, practical toolkits to help you to implement changes with confidence. Because our pathway is a simple, flexible yet powerful framework, it will help you to reinforce and embed good practice after our facilitator has finished working with you.

Our framework will:

  • Allow you to let go because you will be confident you have a process and the people in place, translating your vision into operational excellence.
  • Crystallise roles and expectations to re-energise your people
  • Create simplicity, with sensible and effective tools
  • Set up tried and tested processes to ground your business
  • Help you create a strong leadership team who can deliver long-lasting change.
  • Increase job satisfaction, creating happy teams and making the working environment more enjoyable
  • Sets you on a trajectory for sustainable growth




Topics and Questions to Explore


Our business growth pathway is shaped around our Connected Leadership™ approach, focusing on five key areas that are vital to success. The following details the topics we explore with you and some common questions that require answering.

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I attended along with my colleague the enterprise training which you had a large involvement in. I and my colleague Bruce Gascoigne were extremely impressed by your clarity of presentation, your professionalism and passion for the subject matter. It was clear also that you knew your audience and empathised and had clear knowledge of the issues and challenges presented by the subject matter and practical issues arising through proposed developments you were presenting on.

Andrew Cracknell, Partner – Frontier Capital Management