The perfect solution to grow your business even if you have to work from home for 3 months!

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The perfect solution to grow your business even if you have to work from home for 3 months!

26 Steps Partnership

Zentano is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with 26 Steps. The bringing together of two of Worcestershire’s most prominent leadership development providers will enable you to access services that can;

  • Ensure your business can still grow whilst your leaders and managers are away from the working environment
  • Find significant cost savings to improve your profitability
  • Ensure your business can attract and keep its talented people


The coronavirus pandemic is another example of the economic uncertainty that has become the norm in recent times. When coupled with the digital revolution and changing society values, we have a perfect storm to navigate through.

Zentano director Rich Horton says “Having the right leaders and managers is crucial to sustain growth in your business. Most businesses are looking for a blend of solutions to develop their leadership capability. 26 Steps is the perfect match for us, not only do our propositions fit well but most importantly our values align. 26 Steps brings together theory, skills and neuroscience into practical and usable toolkits”

Beryl Cuckney is the fantastic architect behind the 26 Steps Toolkits, approved by The Institute of Leadership and Management. She created the pathways as a simple framework to provide the right information, skills and habits to ensure managers and leaders are productive. The pathways also seek to make the learners champions of their business’ values and able to provide consistency of practice in their teams.

Beryl commented “As soon as we met, we knew there was potential to do some brilliant work together and immediately began to explore the potential of a partnership that will allow us to provide digital learning, face-to-face development and on-job learning for managers and leaders at all levels”

Zentano founder Dave Morris added “the 26 Steps toolkits provide proven on-job learning pathways that demonstrate significant return on investment. In the current environment where businesses will need to be creative to find solutions to their challenges, we believe our partnership with 26 Steps will help our clients move from surviving to thriving”

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