26 Steps to Connected Leadership

How to be Great at Managing and Leading People

26 Steps toolkits enable managers at all levels to learn or recalibrate the fundamentals of their role, and for an organisation to establish consistency of practice. They are mentored by a colleague who is also provided with guidance.

Benefits to your organisation and the individuals include:


  • Direct impact on business performance, enabling value to the bottom line and making them more effective managers
  • Structure for productive, quality conversations and strong performance management
  • Identify and address high cost issues such as bullying, harassment and absenteeism
  • Fulfils employer requirements during performance disciplinary procedures
  • Creation of good coaching habits for 1:1s.
  • An inbuilt requirement to produce proof of return on investment that is signed off by the mentor


Take a look at the video for more insight and then contact us for a free consultation to see how your organisation would benefit from the toolkits.

Most of our learning is done in the workplace. We adopt habits, processes and skills from the people around us. The problem is we’re just as likely to pick up unhealthy habits as we are healthy habits. Without a formal framework in place, it’s easy to pass on poor practices.

26 Steps is a simple framework that can underpin a robust management and leadership development pathway. It ensures information, skills and habits learned and passed on are accurate, productive and in line with your business values. This allows you to develop new skills and capabilities in-house so you can deliver consistent growth through properly documented processes.



Our 26 Steps Toolkits in a Nutshell

SHORT MODULES - Each leader or manager embarks on a 26-week self-lead journey to develop the skills they need for their role. 26 Steps learning is delivered in short modules comprising of relevant knowledge and completion of related activities. 26 Steps can be done via manuals or online and fits neatly alongside your normal work. It’s simple and convenient and very powerful.

MENTORING AND COACHING INPUT - A brief meeting with a mentor (often a line-manager) then consolidates, adjusts and adds depth to the learning where appropriate. The mentor can sign-off any identified return on investment such as cost savings, efficiencies etc. This approach helps embed a mentoring and coaching culture throughout the organisation, driving personal responsibility and accountability.

CUSTOMISED CONTENT – Each 26 Steps pathway is customised to the values and culture of your business so that it uses recognisable language. We work with your Operational Leaders to offer a range of 26 Steps pathways designed to benefit individuals in a range of roles from aspiring leaders, to inexperienced team leaders and supervisors through to more experienced operational managers and leaders. We also offer a more bespoke coaching-led pathway for senior leaders and business owners.

SELF-DRIVEN LEARNING - Once customised to fit your needs, 26 Steps learning is self-driven. This gives people a sense of responsibility, autonomy and accountability that allows for the perfect balance between people flexing their individual creativity, skills and insight whilst maintaining consistency of values and processes. At any point, if additional support is required 26 Steps can easily be supplemented with a range of workshops and coaching sessions with the experts at Zentano to embed, extend or deepen the learning.

FLEXIBLE TIMING - The programme will last six months with the learning spread out over 26 weeks – hence 26 steps! This timeframe can be flexible to meet changing operational demands.

APPROVED PROGRAMMES - All 26 Steps pathways are approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management and aligned to either level 2/3 or level 4/5. On satisfactory completion this provides associate or professional status and appropriate CPD certificates will be provided. For a small additional fee, each learner will be registered with the Institute of Leadership and Management and be given signposted access to valuable online eLearning content to support and deepen the learning.




Toolkit Options

We currently offer six toolkits aimed at a variety of positions within an organisation. Please click on each toolkit for more information.




Case Studies

Delivering sustainable change in business is a key goal for many organisations who are looking to create success through strong leadership and management. 26 Steps has a strong and proven track record of delivering lasting and measurable organisation change.

But don’t just take it from us – these case studies evidence how our client’s leadership and management capabilities were transformed to deliver lasting organisational change. 

26 Steps is on my desk all the time which helps me to keep the programme on track. It has given the supervisors the right tools to be able to do their job and taken away any excuses.

Lyndsey Jephcott, Passenger Services Manager, Birmingham Airport