How to Get Sustainable Growth by Being a Connected Leader

Connected Leadership™ is based on proven performance psychology and change management tools so you can grow your business in a sustainable, structured way. Being a Connected Leader means you will enhance your skills to lead you teams and your business through the perfect storm of economic uncertainty, technological change and changing society values. 

Creating Connected Leaders in your business will give you; 


•  A reputation as a go to business for talented people 

•  Improved efficiency and greater productivity leading to increased profits 

•  A following of delighted and loyal customers who will recommend your products and services to others 


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Are You A Connected Leader?


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Our clients believe that investing in their people is vital to future success. They have a desire to grow their businesses by giving their leaders and managers the capacity and capability to do so. They value their employees and workplace well-being is important to them.

Our clients need a trusted sounding board. They are looking for practical tools and solutions to drive accountability, responsibility, confidence and productivity. 

Our clients appreciate working in partnership. They like being listened to and a down to earth approach to business that delivers honesty, simplicity, flexibility, authenticity, credibility and reliability.


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The impact on staff has been considerable. The staff have felt that the Zentano workshops are of value; we have introduced this training because we value them. Secondly it’s a breath of fresh air for them. We are not telling them ‘you have to do this and that’. What we have done is given them the tools and an idea of how to perhaps think differently

Jo Brown, HR Manager - Russell & Bromley

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